Back in the fields


Photo credit: Heather Brice

So inspired by the photo I posted yesterday I decided to head out with my camera today for another walk across the fields. I wanted to see how much had changed recently. I was pleasantly surprised. The last time I had been there was with my son a few weeks ago. We went for a long walk together while my daughter was at a birthday party. Back then the fields were all yellow and bare from where the crops had been harvested. I was expecting the same today but as it happened the fields were actually quite green. New plants were growing already.


Photo credit: Heather Brice

On the way home I stopped to pick up some conkers from beneath a horse chestnut tree. I couldn’t resist. I also spotted these two still huddled up in their shell. I had to take these home as well, just because I thought it would make a good photo. I must have looked a bit strange delicately carrying them like a baby hedgehog down the road. Holding them with my sleeve so I didn’t get prickled. I was right though. They did make for a nice picture.


Photo credit: Heather Brice

Next time I wander that way I imagine the trees will be bare and that will be an opportunity for a completely different type of photo but for now I shall keep enjoying all the beautiful autumn colours.


Photo credit: Heather Brice


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