Autumn love


Photo credit: Heather Brice

So I was meant to be popping into town briefly this morning just to pick up a few Halloween bits for the kids. I’d decided on a low key Halloween this year but started to feel a bit guilty after they were asking this morning what we were doing to celebrate tonight. Ooops. But whilst trying to complete this simple task I managed to get side tracked, as I often do. Firstly by a beautiful tree in the park that was begging to be photographed. Then I bumped into a friend and we decided to stop for coffee and a catch up which was really lovely. And of course I spent much more on Halloween bits than I planned. So my quick pop into town ended up taking all morning and now I am blogging instead of sorting the house out ready for our very impromptu Halloween party. But I really love the tree pictures I took and couldn’t wait to share them with you. Autumn is just so beautiful. It’s such a shame that in just a few weeks the trees will be all brown and bare. Enjoy the colours while you can.


Photo credit: Heather Brice


Photo credit: Heather Brice


Photo credit: Heather Brice


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