Winter at Wakehurst


Photo credit: Heather Brice

The school holidays are in full swing now and we are all trying to find some time to chill out in amongst all the Christmas craziness. On Tuesday we decided a nice walk in the country somewhere was in order and as we often do we decided to flex the National Trust membership cards and off we went to Wakehurst in Sussex.


Photo credit: Heather Brice

I’d not been to Wakehurst since the summer when I’d done an 8K race there. I remember thinking I really needed to get myself back there to take some photos. The only thing though was that when I was there last it was a sunny summer evening but this week is was cold and grey and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be quite as photogenic. Luckily it was still lovely and I think I came away with some nice shots.


Photo credit: Heather Brice

The kids had a great time and as well as exploring they really enjoyed climbing in the Treetrunk Trek.


Photo credit: Heather Brice

I do love Wakehurst and can’t wait to get back there in the spring when it starts to get all colourful again.


Photo credit: Heather Brice

P.S. I think this is the only arty Christmas photo I have taken so far this year.


Photo credit: Heather Brice


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