The British Museum


Photo credit: Heather Brice

My kids are loving their school topics this term. My daughter is in Year 3 and has really thrown herself into learning about Ancient Greece and my son, in Reception, has developed a big fascination with planets after spending the past few weeks learning about space. It’s so lovely to see them so interested in their studies. My daughter was keen to go to the British Museum to see all the Greek things on display so the hubby and I decided today we would have a half term family day out in London.

As well as the British Museum we also went to the Science Museum where our little boy was fascinated with all things spacey. And we also fitted in a yummy lunch at The Rainforest Cafe and a trip to the new Lego Store.

I took lots of photos of things made of Lego but the best thing I photographed today was the British Museum as both the outside and inside boast some fantastic architecture.

I want to start planning another trip up to London Town now. There is so much I want to snap!


Photo credit: Heather Brice


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