Wildlife at Warnham


Photo credit: Heather Brice

This morning a good friend and I decided that even though it is still rather on the chilly side, spring is definitely in the air and a wander round Warnham Nature Reserve would be be good for the soul. So off we went, her armed with a pair of binoculars and me with my camera, to see what birds and other naturey things we could spot. She is rather knowledgable about species of birds but all I recognise are robins and blackbirds so it was nice to learn a bit more about our feathered friends and attempt to take some snaps of them as I don’t have much experience photographing animals.

So here are some of the photos I took. I am looking forward to our next nature reserve adventure as it was a lovely way to spend a morning. I might have to go armed with a copy of the i-spy book of birds next time too!


Photo credit: Heather Brice


Photo credit: Heather Brice


Photo credit: Heather Brice


Photo credit: Heather Brice


Photo credit: Heather Brice


Photo Credit: Heather Brice


Photo credit: Heather Brice



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