Snapshot of the Pavilion


Photo credit: Heather Brice

I love that photography is such an accessible art form. That you can literally see something you find beautiful and capture this image in a just a matter of seconds. Sure you can spend ages taking multiple pictures or setting up the perfect shot but I also believe just a quick snap taken on the run can be just as eye catching.

As we were driving out of Brighton last week I looked at The Pavilion and wondered why I had never photographed it as it really is stunning. Then on Saturday I happened to be down in Brighton again celebrating a friend’s birthday. As I was leaving the bar I’d been in to head back to the station I walked through the park at the back of Brighton Pavilion. I was in a hurry but as it was such a beautiful day I took take tthe opportunity to take literally five quick snaps on my phone. This one is my favourite.

I will of course spend longer photographing the Brighton Pavilion at some point but in the mean time I am pleased with this one.


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