Why spring is the best


Photo by Heather Brice

For most of my life I led myself to believe that summer was my favourite season. After all what’s not to love about sunny days, barbecues, picnics and trips to the beach. But whilst I do love summer very much I have come to realise that spring is the season that makes me happiest.

I love the positivity that it brings. One minute you are shivering and wrapping up in hats, scarves and gloves then all of a sudden your realise it’s actually quite warm out.


Photo by Heather Brice 

The arrival of spring brings so much promise. The days are getting longer and the clocks go forward – lovely light evenings are just so nice. The longest day is actually in June so you when your think about it you actually spend the summer watching the evenings getting darker and shorter so thank goodness they are warm.


Photo by Heather Brice

The weather just gets warmer and warmer in this season – without being “too hot” – and the countdown to summer begins. Whereas the summer is spent on borrowed time. The shops start selling with warmer clothes and you just know that autumn is going to creep up before you know it.


Photo by Heather Brice 

Also in spring every warm sunny day is an unexpected treat which is really appreciated. As we’re used to April showers we’re not going to waste a lovely dry and bright day when we get one. However, in summer we feel like we are owed sunshine. Rain in the summer is totally not on.

And as you will see from these photos spring is all about the trees and flowers getting colourful again. It’s so nice to see the blossoms on the trees and those daffodils popping up everywhere.


Photo by Heather Brice


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