Falling blossoms and April birthdays


Photo by Heather Brice

It’s my birthday this week. I’m turning an age which has a four and a zero in it. It’s fair to say that I’d not been handling the thought of it particularly well. But then my husband threw a fantastic surprise party for me and all of a sudden I realised why no one had really been up for celebrating with me. Turns out that my friends do like me a bit after all. It was time to stop feeling down about he the whole thing.

I have also realised the significance of an April birthday, especially this year. Let me explain. Lately I have been enjoying all the beautiful spring blossoms and flowers. But this week I have noticed that the daffodils are looking a little worse for wear now and the blossoms are falling off the trees. It is hard to feel too sad though because while spring is amazing the plants changing means that more exciting things are on the horizon. The trees will be full of green leaves, the summer flowers will be blooming and there is so much fun in the sun to look forward to. The next chapter of the year will soon be starting.

And that is how I am starting to feel about this particular big birthday. My 30s were fantastic for so many reasons and I am going to miss them but there is a lot of change going on it my life right now and hopefully I can embrace it all and make my 40s just as awesome. I’m not ready for my full on midlife crisis just yet.

Today I went to Tilgate Park in Crawley as I wanted to take a few photos of the trees and flowers as they start the next stage of their lifecycle. I was really impressed as it was even prettier than I was expecting. The blossom falling of the trees just means pretty pink on the ground as well as in the trees.


Photo by Heather Brice


Photo by Heather Brice


Photo by Heather Brice


Photo by Heather Brice


Photo by Heather Brice


Photo by Heather Brice


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