We love Amsterdam


Photo by Heather Brice

As part of my continuing “Big Birthday” celebrations my little family and I took ourselves off to Amsterdam for a few days. I’d never been there before but ever since I was a child I had always been fascinated by the place. I think I was just taken with the pictures of clogs, windmills, tulips and Edam that I’d seen in books. I must admit I was slightly concerned due to the city’s rather adult reputation that going with kids wasn’t going to be the best of ideas but it turns out I didn’t have anything to worry about. They loved it and were really sad to leave. Highlights of the trip for them included climbing on the big “I Amsterdam” letters outside the Rijksmuseum, stuffing their faces with pancakes and various other sweet treats, going on a cruise along the canals, playing in Vondelpark and my daughter loved going to see one of her favourite paintings at the Van Gogh Museum.

Here are a couple of photos I’ve taken off my phone. I will sit and go through my camera in due course and post some more pictures and musings soon so watch this space.


Photo by Heather Brice


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